Technical Direction of Loop Video Art Fair

Technical Director of Loop Screen Fair since in 2011 until today.

SCREEN FESTIVAL OF BARCELONA is a platform dedicated to the moving image in contemporary art. Through partnerships with leading international agents, generates projects that materialize in different formats and locations, such as the Screen Festival and LOOP.

Screen Festival Barcelona (SFB) and Loop Fair are held annually in the spring and are the source of SFB, but the platform remains active throughout the year by organizing various activities. These projects annually, as first screen dedicated to present premieres artists once a month, audiovisual cycles that take place around them and in accordance with the programs of exhibitions. In addition, SFB and produces traveling exhibitions and adapt to different places and contexts. This is the case of remote viewing which was presented at MOCA Pacific Design Center, Los Angeles, Santa Monica Arts in Barcelona, ​​which will be presented in 2012 at the Kulturhuset in Stockholm.