Guerra | Xavier Gibert

A city is being closely watched for humanitarian reasons by the forces of good, on a peace mission. The tension between the inhabitants of the city and its alleged liberators is increasing.

Will there be conflict? Is war will break loose …? A soldier, a city and a live musician. Are the three protagonists of this assembly, in which they invite us to wonder if we are not in contemplating the atrocities of war as if it were just a show we see from the couch at home and ask if it is true, as we want to do believe, wars are inevitable, necessary and even heroic. Because between the reality of war and the image we have of it there is a great distance. You might think it listening to the songs that a soldier named Albert Pla and a city, half real and half animated, life-giving Fermin Muguruza incombustible exchanged. In a delirious and dreamy tone, both reproaches exchange and use songs to show their disagreements, where a luxury musician (music producer “Refree”) and multimedia effects (they say “multimierda” …) create environments and They suggest atmospheres. The great battle is about to begin.